I don't know about you, but I love ghost towns. When I lived in Montana years ago I went to Bannack, it's definitely haunted. It's even been seen on Ghost Adventures' paranormal show.

What excites you about visiting a ghost town?

The history of a town, what was it known for? And why is it now abandoned?

There are many ghost towns to visit around Colorado. Quite a few are within a few hours of the Western Slope. Ohio City northeast of Gunnison still has a city hall and a number of private homes.

I've been to Silverton a handful of times. Today visitors will see a charming colorful main street, with plenty of history for sure. There are many more than on my list. If you have visited one I missed, let me know, so I can add it.

Spring is finally in the air, a great time to get out and check on these Ghost towns. Safe travels.

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