What is known as a "persistent, hard slab" avalanche buried one person at Steamboat Resort on Sunday and the rescue was described as "heroic".

Just before 1 p.m. Sunday the call about the avalanche came in to Mountain Dispatch and three or four minutes later, three members of the Steamboat Ski patrol were on the scene.

By 1:05 they were pulling the skier out and two minutes later they had removed the skier completely and sent them on their way to the hospital to make sure there were no other injuries sustained.

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The avalanche started in an area that has been closed to skiers but is considered "in bounds". The avalanche happened as a result of skiers skiing in open areas and they did not cross any lines or ski in any area that was not open to all skiers.

In total, about eight people were involved in one form or another in the avalanche with one other person buried up to their waist. Skiers at the resort have been eager to ski more terrain, but it's instances such as this that bring home the point of why some areas are still not open.

Remember when skiing to always ski with another skier and check all conditions before entering areas that may not quite be ready for skiing yet.


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