When you have kids out of school for two weeks for the holidays, it's imperative that you do something to keep them, and you, from going nuts.  So, in addition to having them help me on a makeover of their bedroom, I tried a hike to the giant "A" next to Hughes Stadium (which, by the way, is slated to stay there permanently, regardless of the turnout of the stadium's fate.)

I honestly thought I'd be able to at least make out parts of the giant letter that has been there since the 1920s, long before the C.S.U. Aggies were renamed the Rams (in case you wondered why it's an 'A' & not an 'R.')

Among highlights on the trip?  Perhaps one of the most breathtaking views of Horsetooth Reservoir from highatop the ridge to its east, and finding out that my twin eight-year-old girls know the term 'A-Hole,' as the hole in the 'A' was the one part that looked a little bit like what it was.  Separate issue.

And behold! If you're at the Fort Collins 'A,' this is what it looks like. Still cool, still a great hike - just doesn't look like an 'A.'
Hughes Stadium from the big 'A.'
The Gundy tribe.