Each Tuesday we visit a nominated teacher in their classroom after hearing all the incredible energy they bring to their students daily.

This week we were at Mountain Vista Elementary School in Windsor. Fourth grader, Sidnei nominated her teacher, Mrs. Englert, for Teacher Tuesday saying:

My teacher is amazing and smart. This is her last year at my school and I what to surprise her for the last week. My teacher is my best friend, she is kind and nice. She teaches me everything I need to know and I trust her a lot with anything. My teacher is really funny, once me and her did a flash mob to the rest of our class. She loves Nebraska Corn Huskers and Green Bay Packers. She may not like the same teams as me, but she still is my best friend and best teacher.

After hanging out in the classroom while each fourth grader talked about why they liked Mrs. Englert, a few valuable lessons crossed my mind and heart.

1. Expressing our feelings of gratitude and joy to another person goes a long way. As a society, we are used to only hearing the negative, but we should always offer up positive reinforcement or just a simple 'thank you.'

2. In our quest to be famous on a global level or social media level we sometimes may fall short in our little corner of the world. If we all do something positive to make our small group or in Mrs. Englert's case her classroom, a better place, then we all benefit.

3. I miss 4th grade.

There is still time in the school year to nominate your favorite Northern Colorado Teacher.