Just two gals living in Fort Collins, who would rather do this than 'swipe' anything on anyone. These are our missed connections in Northern Colorado this week because #noshame, #nogame.

This first one is a little dated, but...

First National Bank Chair Folder at Taste of Fort Collins (from Scruggs)

You: A bearded man -- not a hipster beard; a tasteful 'Trailhead' beard -- wearing a white shirt because all FNB employees were, and you were handing out folding chairs.

Me: Wearing a backpack and cool sunglasses. You were all that I wanted to sample at Taste of Fort Collins.


Mysterious Rollerland Man (Fort Collins)

A man on blades hasn't caught my eye like this since Eric Von Detten in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Brink. #ThatMiddlePart. Like a shadow in the night, you ride in on your motorcycle every week. You arrive alone, you skate alone, and then you leave alone -- how about sometime... you don't? Riding off into the dark of night only to be seen... next Wednesday.


Cute Blonde Skateboarding Neighbor (Fort Collins)

Damn, you are our yuppie dream in fitted jeans and leather boots -- that's right, our.  Two women, one infatuation. Things are really heating up in our apartment building and it's not just the leaky radiators.

You ride your bike to work, and you look like you have stable employment, like a tech job or maybe you're a graduate research assistant or something. Just so you know, Scruggs didn't need those loafers out of her car last night. She just knew you were out in the parking lot.


**UPDATE: 11:54 AM MSDT**

Black Rebel Motorcycle Guy (Downtown Windsor)

We were about to cross Main Street outside of our Windsor studio to go get lunch, when you rode past on your bike; black vans, black skinnies and arm tats. Although we were pedestrians with right of way, you did not stop for us -- but man, did we stop for you.