A onesie party and cuddle pit is coming to Boulder; I wouldn't expect any less, honestly.

Deviant Spirits is inviting everyone to come chill out before the stress of the holidays catches up with us with their Get the Chill Out Onesie Party from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Friday, November 18.

If the thought of a "Visual Activation Cartoon Cuddle Pit" scares or weirds you out (which I hope it does), no worries - they really just want people to come hang out at their bar in onesies. If you wear a onesie, they'll even give you a free cocktail.

DJs Heartifact and Captain Space Monkey will provide musical entertainment that night at Deviant Spirits, 2480 49th St., Unit E, in Boulder.

Need a onesie? There's a plethora of adult onesies on the Internet like the one shown above from SonicDaydream on Etsy.