I started milling down the 4x4's this weekend to what has officially become the start of our harvest table!

Mat Sparx

Thankfully I purchased more of these than I thought I was going to need for the build. The learning curve and the waste was a little higher than anticipated and I sacrificed 2 pieces in the learning process.

I have squared these up from twisted rough cut lumber into a more refined, workable piece of wood. I plan on squaring the remainder of the lumber needed tomorrow. After all of the lumber has been squared, it will then be milled to the final thickness of 3". This table will surely be time consuming, beefy and the final result, a fine piece of furniture.

The plans are to do it and do it right. The only screws that will be used with be to secure the legs to the top. The remainder of the joints will be carved out to connect with each other, forming a stronger bond than any screw will be able to offer.

I will be excited when it is done! It will be my first real piece and I am already very proud of it. From the time mileage and money it took to search for the correct tools. To the time it took to learn a new computer program to create the plans. To the 100+ mile road trip to but the lumber specifically in its second roughest form and finally to the workshop to make all of the previous work transform into something refined, calculated and polished. This is something that I had the ambition to peruse.... To learn,create and to present in my home. I am eager to sit down and share dinner, great conversation and the making of great memories with friends and family on something that I took the time in such a modern, technological and fast paced era to create something solid and real.

Matt Sparx

On a side note, I have a huge bag of pine shavings from the milling process. Does anyone know if this can be donated to the humane society for the hamsters, mice, etc.?