The White House invited students from across the U.S. to submit films for their third annual White House Student Film Festival.

The theme this year was "The World I Want to Live In." The White House was expecting the finalists to submit videos of a technology-driven, Sci-Fi world with a future that pushed the boundaries of the imagination and technology. What they got were submissions from documentaries to animated films that focused on something much more straightforward. Through the eyes of today's youth, they want to see of the world tolerance, fairness, inclusiveness, and one that treats the environment well.

A 15-year-old Greeley West High School student, Nashrah Mohd Reza is one of those students who earned a trip to the White House to showcase her film of a what it's like being a young Muslim woman in America.

To be one of 13 to accept this honor is such a tremendous feat! We are proud of you Nashrah! If you watch one video today, let it be this one.