Fall leaves are not only a nightmare to keep up with raking, but they're also a hassle to get rid of. So if you haven't joined the Fort Collins Leaf Exchange, now's the perfect time to start.

Since 2004, the Leaf Exchange has served as a way for Fort Collins residents to connect via email to get rid of leaves and give them to farmers and other residents who use them for composting and garden insulation during the cold winter months.

According to the program's City page, also keeps leaves from going to the landfill for disposal, aiding in the City's efforts to meet its zero waste and climate action goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Residents can also save money on their trash bills and keep storm drains from clogging on their street.

Fort Collins' Leaf Exchange is set up using Yahoo! Groups and is entirely email based. Here's how you sign up:

  • Visit the Leaf Exchange Yahoo! Group;
  • Click "sign up" or log-in if you're already a member;
  • Read the guidelines on how to ask for leaves or get rid of them.

Rocks, trash, twigs, or branches shouldn't be left in your leaves.