It was a scorcher yesterday here in Northern Colorado! How did I cool off? Easy, spend the entire afternoon in a garage that was topping 110 degrees for more than 4 hours building something because I was bored! What can I say, I like being in the garage. I am always in there. Hell, I might as well put the living room out there since I spend so much time doing random stuff in the garage. Yesterday was no different. I was bored because my wife was at work, my best friend was out of town and I didn't feel like staying in the house. I had purchased a bunch of cedar pickets and some 1x1 studs a few months ago in high hopes of making a nice planter box. I was tired of looking at them in the garage. They were just sitting there staring at me all the time. If they could talk, they would have said "build something out of me already for the love of God"! I got tired of the pickets taunting me, so I built a thing! Check out the photos of how I did it: