Election fatigue should be added to the list of ailments only treated by watching videos of nature and cute things on the Internet.

Getty Images

We're all at that point. By the time the votes are tallied tonight we may or may not know who our new boss of America will be. As you cruise through Facebook, Twitter, life, you are bombarded by pictures or posts of people saying "I Voted." While I love seeing so many people taking part in our democratic process, one that I have also participated in, sometimes we just need a quick break.

Luckily some organizations have stepped up to the plate to provide you exactly the nature break you may not have known you were craving.

Tune into the Weather Channel today and escape to nature. Clouds, rainbows, fall foliage and smooth jazz in the background. They will interrupt if severe weather happens but as of this afternoon, the weather looks pretty mild across the country.


The San Francisco Zoo is giving you a break from coverage with their live stream of the Red Pandas. Red Pandas are best known for their excellent climbing ability.

Finally, this video was posted earlier, but it's worth revisiting. Do you need a break from the negativity in your Timeline? Watch kids read to shelter dogs. It will make you feel much better.