This weekend I made an awesome friend at a detention center in Denver.

I'll spare you all the details, but I spent my Sunday sitting in the lobby for 10+ hours not only thinking about how random, crazy, heartbreaking, confusing, and straight up weird my weekend had turned out, but my time was also spent forming an incredible bond with this super cool girl, Sunny.

Sunny was literally a ray of sunshine through this whole ordeal that I was going through. She was also waiting for someone to be released, and our backgrounds happened to be pretty similar. We were both so unfamiliar with the whole process - everything that encapsulated in the jail system, really (neither of us have been arrested ourselves). We had each been there for maybe 3 or 4 hours before Sunny asked me if she could use my phone charger. From there, we chatted about what was happening in our lives, what we do for a living, told random stories about our pasts, etc. It was totally awesome to experience a deep connection with someone that I had just met, and that we were able to get one another through the long(er) wait that was to come.

Until Sunday, I had never stepped foot inside a jail's lobby, nor a jail for that matter. (Lol.) Looking back at the whole situation, I'm thinking not only how cool it is that I made a great new friend whose number I have and who I'm now connected with on Facebook and Snapchat (and plan on hanging out with), but also how freaking random it is that I met this awesome friend at a detention center of all places.

So I reached out to some of my other friends to ask, "Where is the most random or craziest place you've made friends?" Below are their stories.