Parking spaces are a hot commodity, especially in downtown Fort Collins and even for those of us who live in busy apartment complexes. But stabbing someone to death is never the answer when someone parks in your spot.

Unfortunately it sounds like that's what happened to one young man in Strasburg, Colorado, on Wednesday morning.

According to Denver7, 23-year-old Andrew Michael Martinez was stabbed in the chest following a fight over a parking space. The coroner ruled his death a homicide.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office says the incident stemmed from an argument over where 21-year-old Jeremiah Pepper's vehicle was parked. An affidavit obtained by The Denver Post says a witness told investigators that Pepper entered a nearby apartment and returned with a knife, vowing to kill Martinez.

Pepper was arrested that morning on suspicion of murder.

Now I'm kind of scared to confront my neighbor's third boyfriend this year about parking in my space at home. I don't want to accuse him of being this violent, but...apparently people are unpredictable and very passionate over parking spaces.