From time to time I'll be posting nerd/science related stories because I'm told Science sells. I'll be tagging these posts Science Corner. Not that you're a nerd. You're not. I know.

I'm sure you've seen the dashboard camera videos of meteors crashing to the ground in Russia and like this one (by the way, my cousin Vladimir can be heard doing HIS radio show in the background on our sister station in Russia).

Russia is being target by aliens. It's pretty clear. In fact, I'd be willing to bet Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, shown here riding a bear, has actually made a deal with some Alien race due to his obsession with regaining Russia's role as a world power.

A big chunk of the meteor that blazed across the sky over the Ural region of Russia in February was recovered by Russian scientists yesterday (October 16th) from the bottom of the lake it crashed into. The meteor was the largest recorded in more than a century, with the shock wave from the explosion, estimated to be as strong as 20 Hiroshima bombs. The meteor chunk retrieved from Chebarkul Lake weighed in at 1,256 pounds.

As you well know, anyone within the range of a meteor becomes, over time, a super hero or a super villain. Russia will be lousy with superhumans over the next decade. Remember where you heard it first. If I were you I'd A) Learn Russian and B) Learn how to sew one piece spandex superhero/supervillain costumes and capes. It's going to be a booming business. Comrades.