As your go-to station for long-haired dudes in plaid shirts, ripped jeans and combat boots (read: '90s grunge rock), we're excited to present Candlebox on July 17 at Hodi's Half Note in downtown Fort Collins. 

Courtesy RSN Entertainment

Cut from the same cloth as their Seattle brethren, Pearl Jam (and we all know that cloth is flannel), Candlebox was largely successful in the dawn of the '90s grunge movement. In early 2016, they returned with a new album, Disappearing in Airports, announced a tour and dropped the single 'Vexatious' in February.

The only remaining original member of Candlebox is vocalist Kevin Martin, however you can spot Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Krusen, in the band. We're excited to hear the new tunes, but, you know, as the hosts of the '90s @ NOON, we do hope they'll indulge us a little bit on the old school hits.

Candlebox with Temple Agents and Ages Apart | Sunday, July 17 | Doors Open 6 p.m. | Hodi's Half Note | 167 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins | Tickets $23 in Advance, $25 Day of Show