Revolution Artisan Pops popped (pardon the pun) up in Fort Collins a few weeks ago, having their official opening on Friday February 29.  

Ever since the popsicle shop arrived in Old Town, we here at 94.3 The X have wondered-- if there was an X pop, what would it taste like?

Courtesy of Revolution Artisan Pops' Facebook

A few in our office voted for something creamy, like coconut or lemon meringue.  Others voted for something refreshing, like grapefruit or cherry.  Shelby wanted one called, "Death Cab For Fruity". Okay, Shelby.

Despite all of the opinions, one thing was certain-- if there was an X pop, it would have to

Luckily, Revolution was all about helping us out, and they came up with a perfect green popsicle to suit our needs: the all-new 94.3 The X Cucumber Lime Pop!

It takes a lot to make a popsicle at Revolution Artisan Pops-- it's not what you think, where all you're doing is freezing juice.  In fact, it's a huge process, as owner Jarod Dunn told us in an email:

The production is quite a long process.  We have to peel the cucumbers at 100lbs and puree all of that, then strain it and pour it into large molds before we freeze.

After that, the company has to freeze the pops and get them ready for the general public-- these ain't your mama's popsicles, guys!

You can head to Revolution Artisan Pops now to try our new X pop, and take a lick for Mollie and Shelby....oh, wait...that didn't sound right.